moving day

today's the day! after a solid three months of hard work, i am officially launching muybridge's horse. content from this blog has been moved to and will continue to be made at the url, muybrudgeshorse.com. head over there for a blog/catalog of work by contemporary artists and photographers whose subject matter includes: animals, taxidermy, roadkill, the human-animal experience (things like hunting, specimens/museum displays, a connection/disconnection with the natural world); news and current events related to animals in their roles in society; and updates on an artmaker who's interested in all of those things.


a hiatus of sorts

to my handful of "members," followers, readers, and stumble-upon-ers, this post will serve as a goodbye-for-now and come-find-me-soon message.

i started using this blog in march of 2009. it was a sketchbook of ideas and projects i was working on and a sort of bookmarks toolbar of artists and concepts that inspired me and that i didn't want to lose track of. 500 posts and nearly four years later, i have finally made the decision to take this blog to the next level.

the wheels started turning at the regional SPE conference in fort collins in early november (it is amazing to me that so much progress has been made in about a month and a half, with the dedication and incredible talent of my best friend and, i am proud to say now, collaborator, daniel evan garza). during one artist talk, i thought, not for the first time, "do you think viewers would take my blog more seriously and visit more if i just had my own URL, instead of blogspot.com? i voiced this question, and daniel immediately said, "yes." we came out of that same talk, daniel with a little sketch of what a site he could build me could be. that weekend, we talked about it more and more, and when i got back to kansas, i sent him detailed sketches, specifics for functionality, and sites that inspired the new project, with aspects i liked and didn't like. now, as i write this, i have completed formatting for the new interface 278 out of 516 posts. and after every post i complete, i click to view the beautiful archive of featured artists, and my excitement grows.

this time last year, i had just graduated with a BFA in photography. i remember sitting in one of my last classes, writing a small list of goals regarding what i was realistically going to do to pay my rent. i wanted a creative job, 9-5 through the week (i had at that point been working every friday, saturday, and sunday for a year and a half, and i was desperate for weekends/a normal working person schedule), making $X/hour, with benefits. i applied for a handful of photo editing and retouching jobs, library jobs, and archivist jobs at universities and other art museums, and i worked briefly for an artist in his studio. it slowly began to occur to me that i might need a graduate degree to get a job doing what i wanted to be doing, and that graduate degree was not an MFA. it was a little bit of an overnight decision to start looking into library science programs, and before i knew it, nathaniel and i were checking out areas in kansas so i could attend a program as an in-state resident. after living here one month, i accepted a (non-creative) 9-5 making significantly more than i had wanted and receiving benefits. i am able to save i sizable amount of each paycheck in order to afford graduate school out-of-pocket, and i live a very fulfilling life. it is serendipitous that i have decided to expand my BFA into an MLS, with hopes of becoming an archivist or an object handler, and my foot in photography's door while i am working my office job will be an archiving/data compiling and organizing project of its own. it feels like everything is falling into place, for now.

since this blog has always been for me, whether or not anyone else has been visiting it was always sort of an afterthought. still, it's been encouraging knowing my posts were of interest to someone. so, whether you did so intentionally or by happenstance, thank you for viewing. since the start of 2010, this little blogger blog has received 50,000 page loads. and in case you were curious, i believe the number one referrer to my blog is a google image search for richard avedon. this is an aspect of the blog i wish to expand upon in the new site; in addition to an interesting, relevant, unique, regularly updated blog, i hope to provide a substantial source for image and artist name searches that might not be found elsewhere. while, like almost all my other endeavors, i am first and foremost the person the result needs to impress and satisfy, i am confident this resource will be very valuable to others.

i am not, never have been, and never will be the kind of person to say something, to even bring something up lightly, and not follow through. i decided in a weekend that i would undertake this massive project, (unbeknownst to me then just how massive), for three weeks bugged my collaborator at least daily to check on the progress of the basic framework, and in a little over three weeks have over half of the posts re-formatted and recreated, images re-saved and re-named, links checked, and sources cited in a gorgeous, functional, sustainable interface. the new site we have created will be an authority on not just contemporary photography, but specifically photography and art related to our human relationship with animals and animals' role on our society. more than a blog, it will be an archive and an index, easily search-able and brows-able, of all featured artists. and i can't wait to share it with you.

email me at muybridgeshorse@gmail.com to receive an email letting you know when the new site is viewable. otherwise, check back here for a link to the new site! i will be prepared to resume regular updates on the new platform early next year.